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Why a Social Media Strategy is so important

How many times have you been on a company’s Twitter or Facebook page and seen either that they post inconsistently, make grammatical errors or put out irrelevant content? Too many times I bet… It’s not professional and there’s one reason for it, because they don’t have a social media strategy.

Most companies seem to think that they can create a page, slap their logo on it, post one or two times a week and they’ll get millions of followers and countless sales leads overnight. This isn’t the case, if a company wants to be successful on social media they need to have three things in place; a plan of what they’ll post, when they’ll post it and how they’re going to promote the posts once they’re out there.

So, the first thing I mentioned is a plan of what the company will post, this will help them avoid posting irrelevant content and making grammatical errors. Outline a few ideas and create interesting and engaging posts around them, however, make sure that they’re industry specific or at least relate to your business.

For example if you sell home insurance you won’t want to tweet about Taylor Swifts brand new song, because that’s not what people will be following you for, people will follow you for industry tips and hints so that’s what you need to give them… If you want to keep them.

Saying that, it’s all well and good having posts planned, however if you’re not sending them out at the prime times, then you won’t be seeing the best results.

The best way to find out which times are best for your posts is to do tests, then look at the data. If you see that you’ve been posting content and it’s getting more interactions at 4.00pm compared to 11.00am, then you should start posting out at 4.00pm everyday.

The other thing you need to bear in mind if you’re an international business is time differences, when you’re asleep some of you customers might be awake in different countries, so remember to keep some posts scheduled in for them.

The final part of a social media plan is how you’ll promote your posts, there are a range of ways you can do this, you could create a feed on your website, you could try and negotiate with bigger accounts and hopefully they’ll re-tweet a couple of your posts or you could pay to advertise your posts, I recommend again trialling every option and then deciding on which one works best for your company and target market.

Social media can be a daunting thing, if you’re new to it and need support to kick-start your page, or if you’re looking for full time social media management, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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