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Can you be sure your website is performing as well as it could?

A good website is one that receives constant care and attention. Without regular updates to both your content and software, your website will become outdated and will have less chance of ranking highly on search engines. We can help you with any website optimisation requirements to ensure it’s as fast, efficient and search-engine-friendly as possible.

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Website Optimisation to Enhance Performance

The performance of your website depends on a number of factors including software updates, site structure, third-party software and services, usability, page load times – the list goes on. With our help, you can ensure your website meets the appropriate standards in order to perform at an optimum level and ultimately attract more visitors

website optimisation

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Website Speed

A slow website is going to send customers away, in many cases for good! We can help you ensure your site is fast and potentially even boost your conversion rates in the process. .

Website Maintenance

Updating your website’s software can be tricky as the update sometimes affects your website in unexpected ways. We can take care of it for you – meaning you get the benefits of the update (improved security and efficiency) without worrying about the technical side.

Website Tracking

How much do you know about the people who visit your website? Free add-ons such as Google Analytics provide in-depth data about visitors to your website including when they visit, what pages they look at, and more. We can help you get started.

Achieving higher standards in design and functionality

Over time, websites need to be updated to continue to perform well among competitor sites. In recent years for example, the increased popularity of mobile devices, and Google’s mobile-first index, have forced web designers to start building websites in a way that accommodates the new trends. We can support you in modernising the design of your site to ensure your business keeps a competitive online presence.

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Website Usability

A great user experience gives customers the confidence to return to your website again in future without even trying one of your competitors. We can provide insights and practical support on improvements to your site that will help increase conversion rates.

Website Design

The look of your website should be a trade-off between 1) your company design style and 2) the industry trends for website styling and layouts. Ultimately, a professional website design will make your website look more trustworthy and potentially reduce your bounce rate.

Website Responsivity

Over 50% of all web users today are browsing on a mobile device. Google has even changed its algorithm to favour mobile sites for search rankings. Upgrading to a responsive website will immediately help you get your site in front of a wider audience..

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