#WebDesignerDay – A Q&A with our Design Manager

To celebrate Web Designer Day, we decided to put together a short Q&A with our Design Manager, Ben.


How long have you been in the design industry for?
I originally worked on freelance projects for about 6 months, then as an in-house designer for 2 years, and now as an agency designer for coming up to 5 years.

What made you want to be a designer?
My art teacher at school had a massive influence on my interest in the arts and really pushed me to better myself and broaden my interests. I pursued design specifically as it lets me combine so many creative skills altogether but also comes with a demand for technical know-how.

What do you enjoy about front-end web design specifically?
It’s the perfect combination of creative and technical skills – you might be capable of producing a visually stunning page for a website but, with responsive sites becoming the industry standard, that comes with the challenge of making it work across all devices.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on?
The club shop website for Gloucester Rugby was a great opportunity to turn it into the professional, inspiring website that the club and fans deserved.

Any tips for people looking to break in to the web design industry?
Communication is key to building a website – if you’re a front-end designer you need to make sure your workflow includes a sound method for communicating to a developer exactly how your designs should function online.

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