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Using Facebook Advertising to market your business

There are more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook to connect with family, friends and the subjects that matter to them – including your brand.

If you want to raise brand awareness, generate leads or have a product or service to sell, then Facebook is the place to do it.

With Facebook advertising, you can promote your business to your target market and choose how much you want to spend. There are millions of data points you can specifically target on Facebook, from demographics like age range, gender and location, to occupations, interests and income.

Choosing the type of people you want to reach, makes your adverts more relevant to those who see them, meaning they’re more likely to deliver real results.

As well as understanding your target audience, it’s also important to know your objectives. For example, if you want to raise awareness of your brand, promoting your Facebook business page may be the ideal campaign for you. If you want to shout about an event you have coming up, you’d choose the ‘raise awareness at my event’ objective, or if you want to drive people to a specific place on your website, you’d set up a ‘clicks to website’ campaign.

There are a range of objectives available to support your business goals. Once you’ve chosen one, you can then start exploring the targeting options and set a budget. You can even delve into where your adverts are shown and at what times.

At Talk to Media, we can manage all of this for you and create targeted adverts to meet your needs. To find out more, please contact our Social Media team on 01302 55 4984

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