The power of television…

Like many others, I am hooked on Game of Thrones at the moment, and find myself almost counting down the minutes until I get to watch the next episode!

Albeit the box set (as I didn’t start watching the phenomenon until  three weeks ago and almost finished Season 4) it made me think about just how powerful TV is as an advertising medium in general.

In the mist of the ‘digital age’ I, like many others – expected TV viewing figures to start and dwindle as we all took to social media and other online platforms to watch our favourite programmes.

Statistics (as of November 2014) show that 96% of UK homes have a television , or watch TV on other devises meaning that the box is still a major advertising source.

Social Media is now proving many wrong (me included) and is having a positive impact on the traditional viewing form with many discussing programmes they have watched or looking forward to watching with many popular dramas such as Game of Thrones are trending globally as series 5 rolls out.

It is important to any organisation to have a diverse marketing mix with social media and TV combining to work wonders for many already!

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Right I’m off to watch the next episode of GOT!

Stacey x

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