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Jess, our new Design Apprentice talks about her important role with TTM!

Since joining Talk to Media one week ago as an Apprentice Graphic Designer, I have certainly learnt a lot. I also know that I have a lot more to learn in order to eventually reach the same level of professionalism and high quality skills as Ben and Martin, within the Talk to Media design team.

Whilst working with the team I soon realised that being a Graphic Design Apprentice is not as easy as it may sound. I have also realised that there is a fairly large difference between working within a professional environment and working in a class room at college. The transition proved to be quite difficult at first, however thanks to the friendly and welcoming team I have managed to settle in fairly quickly.

Taking into consideration all the different programmes that you are able to work with in Graphic Design, the process of learning what each of them can and cannot do individually, in conjunction with all the keyboard shortcuts, has undoubtably been challenging. Although once you are able to get your head around the majority of it all, producing a piece of artwork becomes easier and quicker. Thanks to Ben and Martin, who are providing me with the best possible training, along with their help and support I am confident that I will be a valued member of the team in no time!

Over the past week I have been focusing on composing artwork in Photoshop, using such methods as masking, learning how to use smart objects and getting to grips with resolutions.

Before I started at Talk to Media I didn’t know exactly what each and every tool inside of Photoshop did, or how you could use it effectively. Now I am more confident using the different programmes available for producing design work.

Overall I am over the moon to have been given this fantastic opportunity as an Apprentice Graphic Designer, within a well-established and professional company.

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