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Take control of your digital marketing

Amid the digital age, everyone is turning to the internet whether it be to connect with friends and family via social media platforms, online shopping, checking restaurant reviews, getting directions or simply looking at a company website to see if they are someone they could work with. 

The findings of such web surfers can, and in most cases, will help them form their first impressions of a brand, business or person.

Companies that are embracing the digital age, have social media platforms and are using them correctly – see 71% of consumers recommend them to others – hence widening their customer market.

As a business representative, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your company have digital marketing outlets such as a website and social media platforms?
  2. Are they easily found?
  3. Are they being used to their full potential?

If the answer to the above questions is predominantly no, then we can help with our FREE DIGITAL AUDIT.

As part of this in-depth report, our marketing experts will provide you with social media insights, look at the design and user experience of your website as well as the technical performance and recommend key search terms that will help your website be found easily.

In fact, 72 different digital marketing aspects will be reviewed and scored, giving you access to key information to use going forward, leading to improved brand searchability, increased sales and ultimately hitting all business goals.

To take advantage of the free digital audit, simply submit your details here.

We can also help you implement changes if required, by working alongside our marketing team to offer social media training and management, website creation, SEO content writing, or support from one of Google Accredited members to create an AdWords campaign for you.

Talk to Media is a full service marketing agency based in Doncaster specialising in everything a company or brand requires to raise awareness, target new customers and drive sales.


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