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Swim Safe campaign more poignant than ever

This is the fourth year Talk to Media has been tasked with running a Swim Safe campaign for client BPL.

The idea behind the campaign is to educate young people across Barnsley and Bassetlaw of the dangers of playing in and around water during the forthcoming summer holidays in a fun and engaging way.

We run a drawing competition for all primary school pupils in years 1-3 which is spearheaded by BPL’s mascot Derek the Dolphin who is a local celebrity!

The winning artwork – chosen by the local newspaper for both areas, will feature across all the campaign artwork for that year including posters placed in 16 leisure centres, on the BPL website, on free swim passes and bookmarks for all pupils involved.

As a mother-to-be, this year the campaign means more to me than ever.

Teaching the next generation important life skills at the earliest possible opportunity is vitally important for their future progression.

I have been told that as of 28 weeks of pregnancy you should start teaching your unborn child important skills. Playing it music, shining lights onto your stomach and even responding to kicks and punches with a little poke back to stimulate engagement!

With this in mind, being able to swim at a very early age could ultimately save a child’s life or enable them to save a friend or loved one in their later years.

The annual BPL Swim Safe campaign is a great initiative and one that we all thoroughly enjoy getting involved in every year!

To see some of the artwork from recent years visit: https://www.talktomedia.co.uk/portfolio/bpl-swim-safe/

Over and out!
Stacey x

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