Social Media – the possibilities are endless!

When you mention Social Media to people who don’t use or understand it, all they can think is people posting pointless tweets and random hashtags… But they are missing out (especially if they’re business owners), the possibilities on Social Media are endless!

The potential for a company on Social Media is mind blowing and it has to be one of the best forms of advertising that is out there. There are millions of people that you can connect with and it’s all completely free.

Why sink £1000’s into a TV advert when you can invest the time into putting together a well-oiled social media campaign, for a fraction of the cost. Social Media also helps build your company’s reputation with a soft sell as opposed to watching a TV advert where it feels like you’re being heavily sold to.

However with Social Media you can choose what tone to use, you can be formal and professional or relaxed and approachable, it all depends on who your target audience is.

Some companies have more innovative ideas on how to use Social Media, take Domino’s tweet-to-eat campaign, a marketing drive that cost them nothing (except a little time) got them worldwide press coverage – which backs up my point that if you know how to use it, Social Media can be a very powerful tool.

However if you’re new to Social Media and still a bit overwhelmed by it all, we can help. Whether it’s offering training or a full account management package, speak to us today!

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