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School pupil’s help promote safe swimming

More than 800 pupils from schools in Bassetlaw have recently taken part in a campaign that highlights the dangers of water during the summer months.

17 schools in and around Bassetlaw embarked on a design competition, organised by leisure operators BPL, where young people from years 1, 2 and 3 were tasked with designing a poster that depicts swim safety – featuring the famous BPL mascot Derek the Dolphin.

All the designs were obtained from the schools, BPL narrowed them down to ten finalists and the final winner was picked because of the designs strong message and bright colours.

Millie Childe (8) from St John’s C of E was the overall winner and her design has been made into posters, leaflets, free swim vouchers and badges which will be distributed all over the region to raise awareness of swim safety.

Colin Thompson, BPL assistant operation manager headed into the school with Derek to unveil Millie’s stunning winning artwork in a school assembly. Other swim ambassadors will also be heading into other schools in the borough to educate young people of the dangers of water in the impending summer holidays.

Simon Ferrarelli, BPL corporate aquatics manager said: “Swim safety especially around the summer months is extremely important and if we can raise this awareness through a great competition that allows the winning design to be the visual for the campaign, it is brilliant. We have had a great response from the schools in Bassetlaw since we launched the campaign three years ago.”

For more information about BPL or Bassetlaw leisure venues visit www.bpl.org.uk or call 01777 706500.

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