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Ransomware virus attacks local businesses

ACS are urging local companies to be vigilant when it comes to their ICT security as several ransomware attacks have taken place in the Doncaster area.

Ransomware is one of the most widespread and damaging virus’s that internet users face. If attacked, businesses large and small can expect loss of access to critical files, followed by a demand for payment to regain access – some companies have reportedly paid £14,000 to get their files back.

Although many organisations have some form of IT security in place, often they have a lack of prevention and security knowledge with no back up strategy. This means attacks can make their way through in malicious emails and websites.

The region’s leading ICT specialists, ACS, have put together a free top-tips download on how you can stay protected against ransomware, covering everything from how the attacks happen to security practices you can apply now to help keep your company secure. To get your copy, visit:

Mike McEwen, ACS Managing Director said: “The ransomware virus is a huge threat for businesses at the minute and it has already affected several in the area. We want to urge all companies to be extra cautious when receiving unsolicited attachments and suggest you regularly back up your files, keeping a copy both off-line and off-site.”

If you are concerned about your company’s ICT security, please contact ACS on 01302 774 820 for a free evaluation.

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