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What can Public Relations do for you?

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Raise brand awareness

It is important for any company with a service or product range to sell, to raise its brand awareness. Getting in front of your target market is paramount and can be achieved by placing educating and interesting news articles across a broad range of online and offline media outlets. Talk to Media is a PR agency in Doncaster with a network of media contacts and can help you place the news that matters to you!

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Protect your reputation

From time to time, companies can come up against a barrage of journalists, reporters and editors that are wanting to cover a less than positive story about you. Our public relations experts have years of experience in the media industry and a vast knowledge of working alongside such contacts on local, regional and national publications, so we can advise you on the best way forward to protect your organisations name.

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How Talk To Media can help

Press Release Creation and Distribution

Talk to Media has access to more than 100,000 media contacts in the UK and can get client news in front of the right people at the right time.

Our PR services include writing engaging and factual press releases about your organisation and placing them in a variety of media outlets including newspapers, radio, TV and across online publications and social media platforms. We aim to get your news seen and into the heart of your custom base.

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Media Relations and Crisis Management

As well as spreading exciting, exclusive and positive news stories, from time to time company’s may need help protecting their reputation.

As an experienced PR agency, Talk to Media has PR experts who can put together a crisis control plan to manage and protect your brand values. We have knowledge of writing statements, and dealing with the media on your behalf, giving you time to work on the business instead of worrying about it.

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Copywriting for a range of Marketing Materials

Talk to Media offers a copywriting service for organisations wanting content for a range of marketing literature and websites, including, brochures, web copy, product descriptions and much more.

Alongside our PR services, we also offer SEO content writing, applying keywords where appropriate in order to help your webpage rank higher on Google and therefore drive organic traffic to your site. We produce engaging and sticky content to keep visitors interested in your website for as long as possible and therefore ultimately driving sales.

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Last year we gained more than

£2million of coverage for PR clients

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