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Talk to Media is a PR Agency in Doncaster and offers a team of creative writers that can turn their hand to a variety of written communications, be it social media (LINK) posts, website content, SEO (LINK) copywriting (LINK), crisis communications (LINK) and statements to press releases, features and blogs (LINK).

Boasting 15 years’ experience in working with media contacts on a local, regional and national level covering a whole host of different industries and sectors – we can ensure your news hits your target readers by sourcing the perfect media outlets.

What is a press release and how can it help me?

A press release is a short, factual, compelling news story, that is composed and distributed to relevant target members of the media.
The main objectives of a press release are:

Gather Interest

To gather the interest of a journalist or publication enough to make them want to feature it within their specific media outlet

Let the media know

To let the media, know about your business or brand with the hope that a reporter will see a story in your press release, and write an actual news article about it

Promote Awareness

To help promote awareness of your company or brand on the Internet via blogs, websites and social media platforms

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The press release should pass the ‘so what’ test and contain all the essential information (who, what, where, when, how and most importantly why – so the journalist can easily produce their own story if needs be.

A decade ago, the trusty press release would’ve solely been sent to media outlets and be printed in newspapers, magazines or other print media. That’s when the waiting game will have started to see the published piece in the daily, weekly or monthly title.

Now that we are in the midst of a digital age, audiences have total control over where, when and how they consume information. A press release can now be distributed to media titles and be added to their website and social media platforms in a matter of minutes – getting the news out there in real time. Meaning that news can be seen by thousands of people very quickly.

When it comes to press release distribution, there needs to be a plan in place. Writing your release and issuing it as soon as its been approved could cause problems or mean it will get missed or not covered at all.

While there’s no perfect formula for when a press release should be written (and distributed), here’s a few reasons when
it’s a good idea to spread the news:

press releases doncaster

New product launches

press releases doncaster

Updates to existing products

press releases doncaster

Opening a new office

press releases doncaster

Expansion Plans

press releases doncaster

Introducing a new partnership

press releases doncaster


press releases doncaster

New appointments

press releases doncaster

Award Wins

press releases doncaster

Charity links

press releases doncaster

Community investment

press releases doncaster

Local events

If a press release about an event or circumstance is something that may be of interest to the media outlets readership, they will most likely use it / some of it. Keeping press releases in line with current hot topics or trends is also advantageous.

This is where Talk to Media’s experts come in and can support you in coming up with newsworthy subjects, getting the buy in from key media contacts and getting your news seen.

We will also be completely honest, if we think a press release idea falls short of the mark, we will tell you, help you find a better angle or look for other news to shout about instead.

Good quality images are also key for print titles, if you have an accompanying image(s) with your news release it increases your chances of getting featured.

A regular flow of newsworthy press releases can help a company or brand stand out and create relationships with journalists over time, so that’s where the press release (or news announcement) comes in very handy.

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What the Talk to Media press release process entails:

  1. Meeting with your company or brand to discuss newsworthy subjects
  2. Research subject matter
  3. Research the relevant journalists, reporters and editors at key media titles
  4. Draft the press release
  5. Take any required PR photography


  1. Get the press release approved by the client
  2. Once approved, issue to media contacts
  3. Add press release to Talk to media website and social media channels
  4. Monitor press coverage
  5. Create a report to show client ROI

Talk to Media in Doncaster offers PR client retainers from just £250 per month or can work with companies on an adhoc basis with special rates tailored specially to each campaign.

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