XBlades Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads/SEO



XBlades wanted to raise the profile of their brand and drive enquiries to their website with particular remit to the promotion of rugby balls and rugby protection wear.


We embarked on a targeted 13 week Social Media campaign for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which would promote the XBlades brand and promote their product range including rugby balls and rugby protection wear. We also embarked on a 13 week Google Ads campaign positioning targeted adverts on relevant Google network websites, primarily to raise awareness of the XBlades brand and secondly to drive traffic to the related web pages.


The Google Ads campaign adverts were seen on 1,913,554 occasions which delivered 2031 clicks to the XBlades website, in fact 30% of the total traffic over that period was a result of the display advertising campaign, 93% of the total rugby protection product pages and 96% of the total rugby balls product pages traffic.
Eight weeks into the Social media campaign we have increased page engagement, reach and followers. The Facebook page likes have increased by almost double to over 5,000 and has been seen by 509,617 people.
To date, both campaigns have resulted in a 44% increase in the number of online sales and has increased the online revenue by 25%.