XBlades Bizarrr Boot Range

Social Media


XBlades is an industry leading manufacturer and retailer of rugby clothing and equipment, championed by some of the biggest names in world rugby. We manage various marketing avenues for the international brand including design, Social Media and email marketing. As part of the Social Media management we wanted to create a mini campaign that would really pack a punch. April Fools was approaching – perfect timing!


We decided that we would create an April Fools for the Doncaster based  company and wanted it to be majorly visual and engaging. ‘Why not create some wacky boots’ as part of an imaginary new range – and that’s what we did!

 The design team were given a very basic brief and were left to create some amazingly ‘Bizarrr’ boot artwork, to launch the range. They even mocked up the boots on two of the XBlades sponsored players – England Captain Dylan Hartley and Leeds Rhinos star Brett Ferres!

 In the weeks lead up to Friday 1st April, we put out a few teaser posts about a new range coming out which got some good engagement, started to raise excitement levels and  ensured people were watching out for the official launch on Friday.


From 8am until noon, we were putting out a number of posts with creative of the boots and the players wearing them. The response was instant and within the first hour the reach was more than 500,000 people across Facebook and Twitter. Followers were retweeting, liking, commenting, sharing and asking questions about the new range.

 The new ‘Bizarrr’ boot range was an instant success!

 To monitor the campaign we used a tool called Lexer and inputted the three key hashtags we would use throughout the campaign – #BizarrrRange #DareToBeDifferent  and #AprilFoolBizarrr.

 The total reach of the campaign was 1,032,013 million people on Facebook and Twitter alone in just six hours.

XBlades_April-Fools_final-image bizarrr boot range