PTE (Power Tools & Equipment)



PTE is a Doncaster-based supplier of landscaping, forestry and arboriculture tools and equipment. Talk To Media was appointed to replace the PTE website with a new e-commerce site that catalogued the entire product range without the cost of an entirely bespoke design. The new site would also incorporate offers and ad spots, a news/blog page and an email sign-up link to increase customer retention.
Since the launch of the new website, PTE has commissioned us to run with its email marketing, Google AdWords and Social Media accounts – to help drive traffic to the stunning online shop.


We were able to present an affordable solution by tailoring a website template to the clients specific requirements. This involved editing the template to match the PTE branding, designing page features and offer graphics that would drive customers toward making a purchase, and incorporating bespoke features not readily available on the original template.
Since taking over the PTE social media accounts that were already in place, we have helped PTE engage with 40,000 potential new customers.
AdWords has given PTE the opportunity to get its adverts in front on 105,000 people.
The email newsletter gets sent to a targeted list of 600 people, keeping them up to date with all the latest news and offers from PTE. Every month the email has an average open rate of 21%.


PTE now enjoys a quick, easy-to-use e-commerce website. Within the first fortnight of going live, customers up and down the country had found and bought from the site, meaning PTE can now reach thousands of customers that were previously inaccessible.
With the backup of email marketing, AdWords and social media – sales of PTE products have increased significantly.