BPL, a not-for-profit organisation approached Talk To Media tasked us to help them raise their profile in the media, delivering key, targeted messages to all customer bases.
BPL offers a whole host of business arms including, its Fitness Flex memberships, BPL Corporate for all its events, Calypso Cove Waterpark and Metrodome Bowl along with a leisure venue portfolio boasting 15 sites across Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.


On an annual basis, Talk to Media devises a clear PR campaign strategy targeting all target markets, delivering on all goal objectives and continues to exceed all PR expectations.


Since starting to work with BPL, Talk to Media has generated in excess of £900,000 in media coverage with highlights including features on ITV’s Calendar News, making regular appearances in a selection of national fitness magazines along with a whole host of local and regional press coverage.
This media coverage has helped to raise the profile of the BPL brand, its venue portfolio with its targets markets and keeping them in the public domain for all the right reasons.