BPL Community Publications

PR / Print


BPL wanted to redesign their community magazines and improve the brand experience by celebrating both customer and staff sporting achievements as well as informing the general public and stakeholders of the latest news.


To identify relevant news and find out about upcoming events, Talk To Media consulted with the 15 venues that are operated by BPL. The layout, design and content style had a complete refresh accompanied by a set structure to make it cleaner and easier to produce.
There was originally two community magazines – ‘Involved’ and the Bassetlaw based ‘Active’ were rolled into one publication which had to continue to appeal to employees, leisure centre members and the board of trustees.
We composed the magazines with the three target groups in mind and designed it in such a way that particular pages would be dedicated to the various target groups. Information from as many sites as possible was covered to make sure there was a broad spectrum of news for people to read from all areas of the BPL business and geographical areas.


The redesign had revived not only the meaning of the title ‘Involved’ but also BPL’s mission to ‘enrich lives through enjoyable sport and leisure choices for all’. The client and members have all been delighted by the changes and by adopting an exciting and friendly look and feel we found there was a 25% increase in pickup rate.