Anchor Fast Website



Anchor Fast, a company specialising in supplying the UK with outdoor furniture for 25 years, approached Talk To Media to redesign their website in order to sell their furniture to the Education market. They wanted the site to be easy to navigate, responsive, clean and to let the products take centre stage.


The site was based on their recent education brochure, also designed by Talk To Media, and is simple and clean. The homepage highlights featured products and main categories so the furniture can be browsed quickly and easily. The website also includes a stockist locator for garden furniture, a brochure download area and streamlined purchasing options within the checkout.


The new website now displays the full range of Anchor Fast products, showing off the quality of each product as well as making it easy to enquire and purchase. The responsivity of the site makes for fast and easy viewing on any size screen allowing you to browse outdoor furniture no matter where you are. Site analytics are proving positive with more potential customers visiting and exploring the site.

Anchor Fast Website