Anchor Fast Education Brochure



Anchor Fast, a Doncaster furniture manufacturer, came to Talk To Media with the challenge of producing a brochure design for the education side of their business aimed at primary and secondary schools. They required an updated and cleaner brochure that could tie in with the launch of their new website. The brochure was to contain their new recycled products as well as the more traditional wood and concrete.


First job was to create a map of the brochure so that content could be carefully planned out to fit within the required number of pages. From there it was about creating a brochure that flowed neatly, allowing the potential customer to locate the products and information that was right for them. For the recycled section, icons were created to highlight how environmentally friendly each product is.


The brochure launched in collaboration with the new website, also created by Talk To Media, and worked to give potential customers a reason to visit the website. The brochure also worked as a standalone piece of marketing for Anchor Fast. It highlighted products and benefits of buying outdoor furniture for education from Anchor Fast over other brands.

AnchorFast Education Brochure