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Passwords – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Too weak, not long enough, no special characters, no numbers… argh… if this sounds familiar then stop what you are doing and read this blog post!

How many things have you got to remember each day? Go to the shop, pick up the kids, call Phil back, do you think you can remember G!lb3rtK!n6 as well? No?, how about bubbles123!?

Yes we tend to create passwords that are easy to remember but also easy to guess! We should be using G!lb3rtK!n6 or something like this, because G!lb3rtK!n6 is 3000 times harder to crack then bubbles123.

You see loads of posts and tweets about people getting their accounts hacked, it’s not nice being the victim of a hack, it’s a nightmare to recover your account and when you do – what you find doesn’t make for great viewing!

Half of your posts will be missing, abuse being sent to every person you know and everyone has unliked your page and deleted you as a friend.

But who’s fault is it? Well It’s probably yours – you decided to pick bubbles123 over G!lb3rtK!n6, I know it sounds harsh but it’s true!

Lets try and update bubbles123 to something a bit more complex but yet still easy to remember – let’s try bu00les!23.

I simply switched the middle b’s to 0’s and the 1 to an exclamation mark. It’s just a few more numbers and a special character and according to Google that’s now a strong password.

Sadly, we cannot avoid passwords and chosen correctly they can protect your online banking account, social media platforms, email accounts – the list goes on!

It’s time to upgrade your password!

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