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My first taste of the Digital Marketing Industry

Since starting my work placement on Monday, to say I have learnt a lot would be a massive understatement!

In the past I have never really felt confident in the technical side of marketing, so being involved in a digital marketing team who use integrated media on a daily basis was quite daunting.

You can read all the books you like, and keep up to date in current affairs within your subject area, but until you actually work within the industry, it is only then you realise what’s important – this is exactly what I have been shown this week.

My first day consisted of PR and Social Media training where I was assigned the task of writing posts for one of Talk to Media’s clients – XBlades. When you think about what you write on your own personal twitter account you generally state how you feel or things you’ve done, but putting yourself in an organisations shoes is a completely different process.

Stacey gave me positive feedback on the content I created which gave me confidence when I was given other tasks in this area. I was given a brief to write a press releases for clients Gloucester Rugby Shop informing the media and public on their Christmas gift ideas.

One of the key factors I have learnt whilst being at Talk to Media is that the little things matter. Things you probably don’t realise – what you notice on a daily basis, sub consciously may influence your decisions.

This was brought to fruition when being introduced to the Google AdWords software and seeing the importance of extracting keywords in order for them to appear when relevant searches are made in google.

However, for me, the most intriguing part of the placement so far has been looking at Google Analytics. This amazing programme tracks and reports website traffic taking into account your geographical position, device you have used, how the user has accessed your site… the list goes on.

Using Google Analytics to help clients review previous marketing methods and evaluating the outcomes of this is such an efficient method and probably the area which has fascinated me the most.

I can’t thank the team enough for sharing their expertise and helping me understand the areas in which they work in, especially Matthew with AdWords, Josh with Analytics and also Stacey in all PR tasks.

I just hope I was more of a help than a hindrance to them. I have enjoyed all the diverse assignments given but also discovered my preferences and strengths in market research which is something I definitely want to focus on in the future.

I have been made to feel very welcome and will be sad to see the end of my placement as not only have I enjoyed my time here, I still feel there is so much more to learn…

Bring on next week! 

All the best

Zoe x

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