Meet Tracey

Check out Tracey’s answers!

Tracey is the official founder of Talk to Media taking the company into its 11th year!

Her role as Business Development Director sees her creating tenders and pitching for new business then managing those accounts once appointed. Tracey also looks after all media bookings for clients.

1.    Favourite part of your role?
Getting an enquiry from a new customer –
doing the research and then putting together a well strategised
proposal that ticks all of their boxes as well as offering them some
bespoke ideas that they never ever considered.

2.    What was your favourite food?
Sunday dinner

3.    Favourite place you have visited and why?
Bali – the beaches!!

4.    What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod/phone?
I haven’t got an Ipod and I only really listen to music on my
phone when im at the gym!

5.    Favourite saying or quote?
What goes around comes around

6.    Favourite hobby / pastime?

7.    Favourite colour?

8.    Favourite ever film and why?
Too many to choose!

9.    Something you couldn’t live without and why?
My straightners – how vain

10.  One item you would take on a desert island and why?
My straighteners! You have to look nice when they rescue you!

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