How do your internet speeds match up?

Being from a rural area, I know the struggle of having bad broadband speeds… Or none at all for that matter. High winds can knock the antenna out of position on a Friday night and that’s my plans of watching Netflix cancelled until Monday evening.

If it’s not high winds causing problems it’s my entire village being online at the same time, taking the speed down to as low as 2 mbps!

However I didn’t know how many people shared my frustration until recently. A survey by Which? found that on average 15.4 million households in the UK are paying for speeds that they will never be able to accomplish due to “a variety of factors”… Whatever that means. The survey also found out that of all the homes within the UK that are connected to the internet, only 17% of them are actually achieving the speeds advertised by their providers.

The problem gets even worse for those living in rural areas (including me), where 98% of people are unable to get the advertised speeds. Ofcom has recently drawn up a new code which allows customers to walk away without a penalty, if speeds fall below an unacceptable level, however where do you go then? To another provider with awful service?

It must be particularly frustrating for companies if their broadband speed falls or if their broadband completely goes offline, they can’t update their social media or website and in the digital age this can be catastrophic… However we can help, we can keep your Social Media up to date and engaging  at all times – call us today to discuss!

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