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What is Google Ads?

These days, Google is much more than a simple search engine, the platform can form an integral part of any marketing campaign. With multiple Google accredited team members, let us talk you through the advantages of including Google in your next marketing strategy.

Google Ads is a service that allows businesses to place adverts on Google and other sites around the web.

Enabling you to tailor your digital advertising using data driven performance insights, there aren’t many advertising channels that give you the measureable and actionable conversion insights that you get with Google Ads.

Google Ads also allows for real-time budget control, meaning you can start and stop your advertising at will!

Want to try Google Ads? Get £75 free advertising spend when you spend your first £25!*

*Offer applies to new accounts only

Google Search Network

When you advertise on the Google Search network, your advert can show near search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

The Google Search network can be paid for on a cost per click basis (meaning no click, no payment!) This type of advertising is especially useful for when you want to reach out to customers actively looking for your product or service.

With the Google Search network, your adverts can appear above organic search results for any keyword you target, giving you maximum exposure at the times your customers are looking for your services.

Google Display Network

The Google Display network allows you to connect with customers across the digital universe. With the network spanning over two million websites and reaching 90% of people on the internet, it’s perfect for raising your brand profile and reputation.

Whether a user is browsing a website, checking their email, using a mobile app or watching a video, your advert can appear front and centre at a time when 100% of their attention is on the screen.

With measureable reporting, you can see the websites and apps your adverts have appeared on and use your full control to exclude any irrelevant sites!

Google Shopping

Retailers can use Google Shopping campaigns to promote their products and special offers to users who are specifically looking for them. Using a combination of Google Shopping and Google Merchant Centre, advertisers can receive more traffic to their site, whilst also experiencing an increase in higher quality leads.

Powerful reporting tools allow advertisers to see performance metrics on a product by product basis, as well as setting cost per click bids per product. These advanced advertising features mean that you can see what’s working within your digital campaign and focus your budget to get the best ROI.

Claim your FREE Google Ads Audit

Claim your FREE Google Ads Audit

Claim your FREE Google Ads Audit

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Pay only for results

No click, no payment. Set your own goals and only spend money when you meet them. In other words, you only pay when your advertising is working.

Right place, right time

Get found on Google at the exact moment customers are searching for your products and services.

Trusted, approved experts

As certified Google Partners, our Google Ads professionals give you complete peace of mind that you are working with trusted professionals. Want to start straight away? Call us today. Click here to tell us about your business and get started with Google Ads.

Advertise anywhere

Target customers as specifically as you want. Advertise to the whole of Europe or to a two mile radius from your postcode.

Choose any starting budget

How much you spend is completely up to you. Whether you want to spend £10 or £10,000, Talk To Media can help.



*First months spend matched in second month up to £120



*First months spend matched in second month up to £120



*First months spend matched in second month up to £120

What we can do for you

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Talk To Media offer a free no obligation consultation where we discuss your businesses needs and requirements, to find out whether Google Ads is right for you.

Google Ads Audit

Already have an existing Ads account? Feel it may be underperforming? Our Google Ads professionals will take a look at your campaigns and let you know how they could perform better… for free!

Google Ads Setup

Let our Google Ads professionals set up your campaigns from start to finish, so that the only job you’ll have is to set your budget, press start and relax.

Google Ads Training

Navigating the Google Ads interface can be tricky enough for a new advertiser, our qualified experts can offer you the training and support you need to create successful and profitable campaigns.

Google Ads Management

Wanting your campaigns to have the best chance of being successful and profitable? Our Google approved experts can manage every aspect of the campaign for you, from adverts to billing!

Contact Us

Should you require any further information, give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have, or if you’d rather get started, click here to tell us about your objectives and we’ll respond ASAP

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