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Football Predictions Update – Group Stages

As the group stages come to a close in France, we’ve been totting up the scores on our predictor sheets in the office and they’ve revealed a few interesting trends!

Ahead of the game

As anticipated however, and with very little surprise , it’s yours truly in the lead (yes me, Ben, the design manager who never watches football) with a staggering 36 points. And following close behind is: Jess, our junior designer, with 31; Stacey, PR & Social Media managing mum-to-be on 28; and Matthew, our always-over-confident digital diamond-geezer, with a more humble 27 points.

Empty promises

In a surprising twist in the competition, our digital guru, Paul, has been let down by the likes of Ronaldo, who was highly anticipated as a top goal scorer in the competition. Paul looks to be the only true patriot in office putting his hopes on England to win, while the the majority place their bets on Germany. It seems the sentiment of 1966 is truly behind us! He shares 5th place with our new friendly face in the office, Levi, who seems to know more than she’s letting on about international football!

Staying strong

Ensuring no designer ends up in the wooden spoon position, Martin has enjoyed a steady run of accurate guesses until recently but felt the sting of a series of shock results from underdog teams outplaying the more experienced nations. He’s on 19 points, while Tracey, our fearless leader, remains content in staying ahead of last place with a decent 16 points.

What went wrong?

Last but not least (depends which way you look at it) is our web-based miracle-worker Josh, who actually continued his miracle-working ways in our competition by being the only one to perfectly guess that Ireland would beat Italy 1-0! That said, Josh made no other perfect guesses and therefore slumps into a lonely last place with just 12 points.

Looking ahead

All in all, the leaderboard is quite stretched, with a few folks threatened by an early knockout. The end of the round of 16, which starts on Saturday, will definitely be a deciding factor on who’ll be contending for the overall win. So be sure to check out our next update to find out whose predictor sheet is going for the big win, and whose is heading for the paper bin!

— Ben, Design Manager

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