My First Week as Social Media Executive

I believe the key to having a great first week in a new job is to just dive straight in! Everything is different to my last job, I’m still learning who’s who and I’m catching on to the do’s and don’ts. Luckily for me I’ve joined an established full-service marketing agency that has a small yet mighty team of welcoming employees.


An enjoyable work environment makes all the difference in a job and I’m delighted that I’ve merged into a company that values this. From my first day I felt comfortable to speak up and ask the thousands of questions running through my mind; from client information to how my colleagues take their tea!


To make sure everyone was up to date and on the same page, the team would gather together every morning for a quick catch up as well as in the week to discuss various topics or clients. I found this very helpful as it gave me a better insight into what’s on everyone’s agendas, the clients and also how everyone works together. Plus everyone is also really encouraging when it comes to creative ideas!


The main part of my job is to post engaging content through social media platforms. As this is my first time working for an agency, I didn’t know what to expect when posting for multiple clients. As Talk To Media work with a diverse range of clients it makes every day different, no two days are the same. One day I could be posting about Cyber Security for Ebit Consultancy (, PTE’s lawnmower range ( or how you can design your own bathroom with Spinks CAD drawing service (


So my first week was filled with getting to know all the different target markets, what products or services I’ll be pushing and just general information that will help me create strong relationships. Overall I’m thrilled with how my first week in the job went and look forward to building upon my career with a supportive team.

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