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Exploring Park Hill Flats

I have now been an Apprentice at Talk to Media for three months and during that time I have been visiting a company called Voca Voca to obtain my NVQ and to enhance my creative skills.

Voca Voca, based in Sheffield provide training for creative individuals who are undertaking Graphic Design Apprenticeships.

Our first brief through the course was to design a piece of artwork that is our own interpretation of the Park Hill Flats in Sheffield.

Park Hill was built between 1957-1961 by architects Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith, and is now a Grade II listed building. Unfortunately, in more recent years the flats became well known for crime and poverty until developers Urban Splash began a renovation project on the colossal building in 2010.

I started my brief by producing a series of sketches and recorded primary sources using different media e.g. chalk, coloured pencils, ink, pen, paints, collage, etc. I also wrote notes about how I felt, what I heard and saw whilst visiting the flats, as well as taking photos.

With these primary source recordings, I am now able to start developing my initial ideas with the inspiration from various artists I have researched.

I analysed the work of both Sanna Annukka and James Nizam in order to gain inspiration in regards to texture, tone, colour and composition.

Sanna Annukka creates the illusion of texture through the use of flat, modern, geometric forms. In contrast, James Nizam produces intriguing light compositions/sculptures through the method of cutting into old buildings and capturing the light shining through into the room, using long-exposure.

At Voca Voca I am looking forward to refining my ideas on Adobe software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, in order to produce a final outcome.

I will show you all the finished article – watch this space!

Bye for now!


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