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No matter how good your website is, your visitors won’t return in future unless they have a good reason to. Drive traffic to your website, increase enquiries and get in front of your customers with email marketing. As a Doncaster email marketing agency, we can set up and deliver email campaigns tailored to your business’ personal goals, provide you with a full performance report after each email and help you to stay top of mind when your customers are looking for services that you offer. Get in touch today for more information…

email marketing doncaster

Boost Product Sales

We designed and developed an easy-to-manage e-commerce website for PTE, a local retailer of gardening and arboricultural products. We regularly send out email newsletters to their ever-growing mailing list, keeping them up to date with their latest news and offers. The email has an average open rate of 21% which increases traffic to PTE’s website and ultimately boosts sales.

See how we helped PTE increase their sales through email marketing.

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email marketing doncaster gloucester rugby example

Make an Impact

Gloucester Rugby Shop have amassed a large database of email addressses over time that’s constantly growing. We designed a bespoke email template for them and delivered a 12-week email marketing campaign, informing their customers about all of the latest offers, competitions and exclusive fan news. The three-month campaign generated more than £6,000 worth of online sales.

email marketing gloucester rugby shop

Read more about how we helped Gloucester Rugby Shop generate sales.

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Inform and Update

Calypso Cove Waterpark’s website backs up its fun-for-all-the-family nature. We created a website that encompasses all the information any family looking to visit would need to know. In line with the website we also created a digital marketing campaign, which included email marketing. The campaign helped to achieve a record breaking week in terms of foot traffic and overall spend at the venue.

email marketing calypso cove

See how we helped Calypso Cove reach out to their customers by using email marketing.

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email marketing doncaster calypso cove example

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Increase Website Traffic

Clickthrough your website by pushing your readers to the site via links in your emails – products, news and competitions can be great tools for this.

Build a Marketing Strategy

We can work with you to develop email marketing campaigns spanning anywhere from one month to a year.

Key Dates in the Calendar

Never miss an opportunity to sell your products or services at key times of the year – whether it’s Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Performance Reports

Receive a full report after each email send to view your open rates, click rates and bounce rates.

Personal Touch

If you want to go one step further, you can include your recipients’ name in your emails or even send your readers a birthday message by collecting more data upfront.

Manage your Data

Segment your data list into multiple lists based on interests, gender, age, location and more.

Collect Data

Before you begin a campaign, it’s vital to collect a list of email subscribers and we can help you gather those email addresses through a variety of effective methods.

Stay Relevant

Frequent email reminders to your customers ensure that you stay top of mind as their first port of call should they wish to use your services.

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