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Design Inspiration: Where to find it

There are endless amounts of resources and design inspiration for graphic designers. Inspiration can literally be found anywhere no matter who you are, what you are doing, what time of day/year/month it is or what your interests are.

Sure, your interests will play a large part in what you take for inspiration personally but sometimes you can be inspired by something that you never thought would ever cross your mind twice…that is the beauty of inspiration.

To be inspired is to be open and aware of your surroundings. Inspiration can come from sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. If you are looking for something in specific, for example if you know you are designing a poster, business card or website, then you can choose to look at examples of those things in particular for inspiration as a starting point. You can also think about looking for inspiration in regards to specific detailing used in your design, for example you could look at buttons for a website, font styles for a poster, or design layouts for business cards, etc.

Here are some great places to start your search for inspiration:

1. Pinterest

This is excellent for looking for design inspiration, in fact, it’s what the website is all about. Pinterest allows you to create inspiration boards, in which you can then collect ‘Pins’ from searching different subjects in the search bar and selecting the ‘Pin’ button to add it to your board. You can have multiple boards for different subjects and collect pins that you are able to look back at whenever you feel the need to.

2. Behance

This is another great website to both share and search for work and inspiration for graphic designers, as well as other creative people. It is a website that you can share your own work on, as well as take a look at other peoples’ work. This way you can take inspiration from other peoples’ design work that you have seen and maybe thought that certain elements of it could work well as part of your own design.

3. Competitors

Taking a look at what your competitors are doing on their website, in their leaflets, on their business cards and what they are using as a marketing strategy can be a huge help. It can give you ideas as to what may work best in the industry as well as what doesn’t, therefore you have a head start in knowing what’s worth trying out. You can also look at some creative agency websites to take design inspiration from them. Here are a few of my favourite websites that I like to take design inspiration from:


4. Instagram

This is a good website for visual inspiration for graphic designers, you can take a look at what others in the design industry are doing and take inspiration from them based on what they are posting and the images they are sharing on their profile. It can also help you gain creative followers whom will all have different creative styles, which is perfect for a more versatile range of inspiration from these different people.

So, take it from me, take it from others and take it from your surroundings…design inspiration can be found anywhere.

jess felters

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