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How to manage a media crisis quickly and efficiently

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With the fast-paced media environment, a company’s reputation can be tarnished in a matter of minutes.

Gone are the days where a media title would phone and ask for a comment from a company spokesperson and then print a story – giving you the heads up.

With the launch of social media platforms, a brands reputation can now be damaged in a matter of minutes and can be sustained by hundreds of people in real time.

Talk to Media, has been working with the media for 15 years, and during that time has evolved with it. Our skilled team is trained in dealing with all aspects of crisis management both online and in traditional media – newspapers, magazine and radio.

From creating company crisis management plans, delivering media training, managing media inquiries to staff briefings – we have you covered, and can be your support network no matter what has happened or you envisage happening.

How we can help you manage a media crisis

If you are facing a crisis, don’t bury your head in the sand, the problem will not disappear if you simply ignore it!

The services we offer include:

Risk Management

We offer a comprehensive risk management service which includes online reputation management and status restoration in the traditional press and media.

As part of this, we monitor websites, social media platforms, blogs, online media sites alongside, traditional newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations.

Media Relations Support

Talk to Media can essentially become your external Public Relations department and can handle all media inquiries, emails, phone calls and contact by way of social media.

We can then speak with relevant company contacts and prepare comments and statements if required, in response to the initial communication.

We also provide the following crisis management services:

You can’t always envisage a crisis happening, if you could, you would also be able to pick those six winning numbers and become a very rich person!

Even the biggest brands, most loved celebrity names or hotel chains have issues from time to time, no one or company is immune from bad press!

Therefore, having a company crisis management plan in place is paramount, and one that all key staff are aware of including your receptionist, as they are the first port of call for any eager journalists.

Planning for the worst possible eventuality is key then everything else is included too!

We can help you create a pr crisis management plan that is easy to follow and gives you the confidence that you can deal with anything!

Your plan will cover all aspects of the following:

A step by step process for all staff to follow if a crisis does happen

  • Key company contact information
  • Your local and industry media contacts
  • PR and Communications contact
  • A social media communications strategy
  • A plan for customer and supplier communications
  • On-going media monitoring services

Your online reputation is more important than ever before!

Years and years are spent building a reputation of a company or brand but it can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, by a negative media story, bad online review, social media comments or spiteful gossip.

What makes it worse is that whatever has been said about you is likely to be searchable for many years to come.

We can help create positive news stories that will be found first, that firmly represent your company, its ethos and the way you want to be portrayed to customers.

Social Media has become a way of life for a lot of people and they use these online platforms to share everything they do – where they have been, who they have seen, review companies and unfortunately for businesses – vent about their experiences.

The average person has:

1. 338 friends on Facebook
2. 208 followers on Twitter
3. 105 followers on Instagram

This means that if just one person has a bad word to say about your company, that message on average is potentially going to get seen by up to 651.

If their friends or followers then decide to engage with that post or even share it – the audience it could reach is massive.

Talk to Media offer a range of Social Media services: management of platforms and accounts to monitor everything that is being said about your brand, manage what posts go out and when, and can also respond to any negativity in real time in the most effective way.

For a company that wishes to manage their own social media accounts, we can offer training on how they should look, how they should be used and best practices for managing sticky situations should they arise.

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