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Content is king

Using the correct tone and style of content is vitally important for any organisation. Poorly written content can have a major impact on an audience and can turn them away almost instantaneously.

If you have a product or service to sell then content is king no matter what it is being used for.

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Our content writing team’s speciality is getting to know your company, becoming part of the team, understanding your target market and what they want to get from your content, and then finally delivering content that is relevant, engaging, searchable and precise.

Types of content writing

Words are powerful and in some form, will be used across a marketing campaign. Be it, the lead tool or just to back up creative and stunning design work. Correctly used content can help drive sales and ultimately grow a custom base.

The Talk to Media content writing team has years and years of experience in creating factual, creative, educational, engaging and powerful content for a range of media platforms. Whatever your brief consists of, we will deliver and exceed expectations.

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Getting you noticed with Marketing Literature

Content is key for all marketing materials and is an essential part of raising an organisations brand awareness.

Talk to Media’s skilled copywriters have over 15 years’ experience in making companies across a broad range of industries and sectors stand out from the crowd.

Whether you require content written for brochures, leaflets, posters or email newsletters, we are the team for you.

Website Content Writing

Talk to Media is a full-service marketing agency and our departments work very closely on all projects. As we are all in the midst of the digital age, companies are recognising the need for a beautifully designed websites with engaging and informative content populating it.

Our content writing team takes pride in getting to know your business, its core values and messages, its industry and all about its competitors. This research helps us create copy to make you stand out from the hustle and bustle on the world wide web.

SEO Content Writing

A website with appealing and sticky content will help drive organic search rankings as well as keeping visitors interested in your website for as long as possible. This helps with bounce rates and ultimately driving sales.

We look at your competitor’s, relevant key words and the level of searches across the web to ensure your content is up there and competing with the best in your industry. What will make you stand out from the crowd is that we make your content more relevant, searchable and engaging.

Profile Raising Content

Profile raising content can be used across a mixture of platforms. Social Media networks, newspapers, magazines, online news feeds, blog sites, business directories, product catalogues and even partner websites. Getting your name out into the public domain in the correct manner, with positive news angles is a great way of attracting new custom.

Press Releases and Blogs

Our copywriting team can turn their hand to a variety of communications including press releases that are sent to a variety of media outlets relevant to your industry or location. Press releases are factual pieces of writing that cover the who, what, why, when and how of an event or other news worthy subjects.

The tone and style of a press release is very specialist and must engage an Editor immediately to get noticed among the potentially hundreds of press releases they receive every week.

Tailoring Tone and Style

Every piece of content should be thought about in great length, let us do this for you! It needs to be tailored to the audience you are trying to target, in a style to suit the platform it will be used on, no matter if it’s marketing collateral or article writing.

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