Changes to Twitter…. Have you noticed?

Are you one of the users who have noticed Twitter trialling different icons? You’re not alone, for the last few months Twitter have been rolling out the test for iOS and Android users, and personally I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Twitter’s favourite button has needed transparency for some time now, it seems like everyone I speak to uses it for something different, I personally use it for things that I like and think deserve a bit of recognition. However when talking to friends they say they use for things like bookmarking, so they can come back to the tweet later, some use it to try and get noticed by the person who is tweeting and some will even use it to end a conversation on Twitter when they don’t want to reply.

The fact that so many people use the favourite button for so many different things can therefore make a Twitter conversation confusing, now when someone favourites a tweet of mine I don’t know what they’re trying to tell me and that’s why I hope the heart becomes a permanent feature of Twitter, it’ll eliminate the confusion because it’s clear what it means, if/when the change is rolled out and someone favourites your tweet – It’ll be obvious that they actually like what you’re saying instead of the other thousands of possibilities that it could’ve been.

However, having said all of that I can see why some people won’t like the change – For a start it looks out of place, seeing the star as a favourite button for so long makes the heart symbol stick out like a sore thumb which then distracts you from the actual tweet. I also realise that for some people they will have to change how they use it, luckily I already use the favourite button as Twitter intends, but for the people that use it to bookmark tweets, they’re going to have to adapt or risk sending the wrong message to people.

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