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Buying Food Online

At the tender age of 17, I have firmly been brought up in the digital age and with this in mind – I love the opportunities we now have with the internet and ordering food seems to be the latest craze!

The idea that people still actually go to the supermarkets to do their weekly shops baffles me when they can get it done quicker, easier and cheaper from the comfort of their living room using a computer/hand held device.

The only time I’ll ever step into a supermarket now is if I pass one and I fancy something randomly, apart from that, all the shopping in our house is done online, which to me seems like a much better deal, no scouring the aisle for hours trying to find your favourite brand of frozen peas, just to find out that someone took the last bag, no waiting in line behind someone who has enough food for six months and best of all no trying to find a parking space and having to squeeze out of it trying to not scratch the neighbouring car.

Instead you can sit down in a comfy chair, put your feet up, listen to some music, click a couple of times and then wait for them to come to you! Is it lazy? Yes of course it is, but the service is there so why not take advantage of it!

It seems like some companies are now grasping the fact that people don’t want to go in to or call the supermarket/takeaway to get what they want, as seen with Domino’s new “tweet to eat” campaign, tweet them a pizza emoji and they will direct message you to confirm the order and delivery options… Simple! Now even though this feature is currently only available in America, hopefully it will be coming to the UK sometime soon and other companies will see the value and make it easier for customers to order via social media or the internet.

If you are someone who still goes out to a supermarket, just think, instead of trying to control that trolley with the wonky wheel you could be watching Storage Hunters with a cuppa!

However if you are someone who wants to join the digital age, be it with online advertising, social media, company rebranding or even with a whole new website… Don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit one of our social media platforms!

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