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Branding that works in the long term is always based on strong foundations – clear brand values, positioning and key products or services to name a few. We can help you build a brand that’s both engaging and future-proof. Let us help you make your vision a reality.

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Name Generation

If you’re starting a fresh new business or organisation it can be tricky to settle on a name that works. With so many registered companies out there already, you’ll quickly find yourself landed with a long list of questions to ask yourself… Is my name already registered? Can I buy a web domain that matches the company name? Is the pronunciation obvious to everyone? Does the name use an alternative spelling?

That’s where we come in! Our rigorous name generation process ensures everything is taken into consideration upfront – avoiding any hurdles that would have otherwise arisen further down the line.

Logo Design

The design of your logo needs to meet a series of demands – both on a practical and personal level– for it to be a valuable asset to your company. Does it resonate with your audience? Does it have the right look and feel? Will it work at very small scale? Are there multiple versions depending on how you use it? We work with you to produce a design that answers these questions and more, to create something that isn’t just a stand-alone graphic but the basis for a full suite of professional and consistent brand assets.

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Branding assets

A powerful brand is more than just a logo design – it’s the building blocks, the brand assets, that truly drive home the intended look and feel of your brand. Brand assets can encompass a multitude of different features, such as…

Font selection

We choose fonts for your brand that, when combined, will deliver the intended look and feel but also a practical advantage

Branding Assets Font Selection

Corporate colours

In addition to the colours in your logo, your branding might benefit from a palette of secondary colours to use in a variety of ways.

Branding Assets Corp Colours

Graphic styling

Graphic styling and graphic devices make up a ‘visual vocabulary’ that you can call upon to brand almost anything at all.

Branding Assets Graphic Styling

Applying your brand

When your brand is finally established, it’s time to launch it! 
We can help you apply your brand identity across a wide range of materials

Brand icon docs


Printed materials including brochures, stationery, internal communications documentation and more

Branding icon email Sign

Email Signature

Make sure your branding is portrayed professionally in popular communication channels

Branding icon signage


Internal and external building signage, roadside signage, and other large format signs

Branding icon advertising


Establishing brand standards for advertising in print or online is crucial to delivering consistent sales messages

Branding icon uniform


Staff uphold the brand values through their actions but also through their appearance



Company vehicles are another great opportunity to get your brand name out there


Exhibition Stands

Stand out and make the perfect first impression with a range of exhibition materials

Branding icon presentations


Ensure your visuals reflect your branding, whether you use PowerPoint or other presentation software

Branding icon merchandise


Mugs, pens, t-shirts and more – we can help you create branded freebies or products for sale

If you don’t have your own suppliers or printers in mind, we would be happy to offer suggestions from a shortlist of
trustworthy and dependable suppliers we’ve worked with over countless projects

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Brand Guidelines

As your brand identity grows it becomes increasingly challenging to manage. When you supply your brand assets to multiple media contacts over time, for marketing purposes, how do you make sure that they each handle your brand properly?

Brand guidelines are intended to do just that. We can produce a document that’s as brief or as detailed as you’d like but, most importantly, one that’s understandable for all. Brand guidelines specify exactly how your logo, corporate colours and other brand assets should be handled in order to achieve the desired effect across all platforms and media.

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