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Job title: Communications Manager


In my role as Communications Manager I…
• Manage the PR and Social Media departments
• Work closely with clients on projects
• Create Social Media campaigns
• Write engaging content
• Manage business development

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website speeds, design, web design, responsive design, mobile sites, faster websites

Why speed matters

Website speed has a huge impact on conversions and traffic visiting your site. Think about it, slow loading websites are always frustrating – and they’re rated one of the top most frustrating elements of browsing the internet.

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digital marketing

Amid the digital age, everyone is turning to the internet whether it be to connect with friends and family via social media platforms, online shopping, checking restaurant reviews, getting directions or simply looking at a company website to see if they are someone they could work with. 

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Landing Pages

Want to know about landing pages and how they are a crucial part of your business? Learn the benefits of keeping them up-to-date and relevant to their subjects, as well as how this helps increase conversions by keeping customers on your website for longer.

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