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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Google AdWords

When it comes to relevancy, you can’t beat Google AdWords… What could be better than getting in front of customers that are actively searching for your product or service? You know that every click through to your website will be a customer who is at the very least interested in your business. How relevant you are is completely up to you, you can advertise all of your services or just the key one. You can choose when your adverts show at the dead of night or in the middle of the day… The choice is yours!

Budget Control
Realised you’re getting a good ROI from AdWords and want to increase your budget? That’s fine. Want to lower it after a week? Not a problem. Controlling your budget through AdWords is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Whether you’re spending £15 or £1,500 a day you can control and keep track of your budget either through a range of devices.

Easy Amendments
Just like your budget, your adverts and keywords are easy to amend. They can all be tailored to suit a specific campaign that you may be running or they can be set up to promote your business in general. Any keywords that are underperforming or costing you too much without showing any return on investment can be paused. The adverts that aren’t getting as many clicks can be changed within a matter of minutes and your advert schedule is also a quick fix. By simply using your own business data you can show your adverts to the relevant people at the times they’re searching most.

Specific Targeting
Geographic targeting is one of the hardest things to control with traditional advertising. You never know where a newspaper will end up or in which country somebody could be watching TV. However, with Google AdWords this problem is eliminated, using specific targeting methods you can pinpoint people in a certain location. You can even create a radius around the central spot. It’s not just the United Kingdom that is available for targeting either, most countries around the world are available to show your adverts too!

Before you even start advertising, Google AdWords will tell you your estimated reach depending on which locations you’ve targeted. This allows you to narrow your market to only a certain amount of the population if you’ve got quite a niche product. It also allows you to adjust your budget accordingly, depending on what percentage of the available market you want to market to.

Obviously the cost of traditional advertising can vary greatly, but on average most local newspapers will charge £250+ for a quarter page advert. With Google AdWords however you can be paying as little as 50 pence a click for relevant traffic to be sent directly to your website. You can also control how much you’re willing to pay per click, if you know that each click is only worth £1 to your business, then £1 is how much you’ll be paying for a click… Simple!

By using Google AdWords it can educate you a lot about your audience. Using the demographics tool you can find out when your customers are searching, where they’re searching from and exactly what they’re searching for. You can also tell what gender they are, their age and whether they are a parent or not. This level of detailed reporting can help you optimise not only your digital campaigns, but also your more traditional forms of marketing. It can teach you everything you need to know about the customers searching for your product in just a few simple clicks.

If you would like any help with setting up, auditing or managing your Google AdWords campaigns, or if you would like to receive training from a certified Google Partner then we’re more than happy to help.

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