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5 Tips to Boost Sales on Your E-commerce Website

If you have an e-commerce website, or you’re thinking about starting one, you could be thinking that simply having your products available online would be enough to generate sales. However, the sheer amount of competition out there has made it tougher for merchants to maintain a steady flow of sales. So here are 5 ways you can build a more effective e-commerce website…

1) Leave an Impression

Before you even start to consider selling products online, it’s vital to get your branding locked in place. How will customers remember your website if it doesn’t have character? Getting your branding right needn’t be a drawn-out process, but failing to put any work into it will switch customers off and send them elsewhere. A solid selection of colourways, consistent font usage and text written in the right tone of voice will provide a solid basis for your website’s look and feel.

2) Summer Sizzlers & Winter Warmers

Whatever you sell, you’ll likely be going up against hundreds of other e-commerce websites selling similar or even identical products. So you’ll need to give customers a reason to choose you and that’s where offers and discounts come in. Mix it up and try different approaches – percentage discounts, BOGOF, time-limited offers, bundle offers, discount codes, first-order discounts, flash sales and so on. Most importantly, be clear and upfront with your offer terms and conditions to avoid losing customers – after all, nobody likes it when the big text giveth, and the small text taketh away!

3) Communication is Key

Every communication with your customers is another opportunity to create sales. When customers sign up to your website, encourage them to register for your e-newsletter and tell them how they’ll benefit from it. When an order is made, ensure the email confirmation includes other product suggestions. If you sell fairly complex products, you may consider adding a live chat feature to your site to enable customers to quickly get more details before buying. Lastly, set up social media accounts and get people talking about your products to keep them top-of-mind in order to increase your rate of new and returning customers.

4) Online, not In-store

When people search for products online, they’re looking to buy it online. If you have a shop then by all means promote it on your website but you should endeavour to get your entire product range available for purchase online to encourage customers to buy then and there. Be sure to include ample descriptive content and images with every product – remember, the aim is to inform, inspire and ultimately convert sales. 

5) Build Trust

As an online merchant, there are a few basic ways you can make customers feel comfortable using your site. 1) Consider having a TrustPilot rating on your site. 2) Use a reputable payment processor that customers will be familiar with, like PayPal. 3) Make delivery easy for customers. Naturally, this means doing some legwork up-front, but it pays off in the long run. Things to consider include: which courier to use; standard and express delivery rates; product weights vs size; worldwide shipping; VAT implications and more. 

Food for thought

These tips are just a taster of what can be done to optimise an e-commerce website. We haven’t even mentioned Google services, remarketing, and customer referrals yet. So for a complete website strategy based on the most up-to-date web practices, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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