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3 Benefits of a Full Service Marketing Agency

Business owners are often faced with the question of whether to hire in-house marketing staff or to work with an agency. While there are valid reasons of keeping things in-house, mainly for larger businesses, we thought you should know exactly how a full service marketing agency can benefit your business.

1. Better value

Employing a full-time or even part-time designer or marketing executive on an in-house basis means (1) taking time to find the right person, (2) adding them to your payroll and (3) being limited to that individual’s skill-set. At Talk To Media, you would benefit from having an entire team of experienced and skilled individuals at your disposal, providing a high level of cost-effective marketing expertise.

2. We do it all

The average business today counts print materials, digital advertising, website(s), social media and PR among their marketing assets, as a minimum. By hiring a full service marketing agency you can engage all of it at the same time – and if you find that one method isn’t working for your business, we can easily re-focus our efforts elsewhere.

3. …and there’s more!

As a full service marketing agency, we work with a range of third-party businesses who we know, from experience, will provide an excellent service. Printers, photographers, web experts and other specialists all make up our list of preferred suppliers and expand our service offering considerably – giving you substantial added value.


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